Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mausoleo di sto. entierro

The columns at the left side of the mausoleo di sto. entierro inside the la loma cemetery, i dont know much about this place all i know is that this used to be the place where they bury babies, unborn babies or those who died when they were still an infant. but when you see the place now it has these "apartment" type tombs. but i'm still enchanted at this building, well i am really fascinated inthis area, it look solemn and yet eerily creepy.

All Saints Day or Araw ng mga Patay is really a big thing here in the Philippines, thousands flock the cemeteries to visit their departed love ones and stay all day sometimes even spend the night at the cemetery, most families troop to the cemetery with lots of food and some even bring radio, Cheap Plasma TV, PSP, and other form of entertainment to keep themselves busy, and really cemeteries on Nov. 1 really have this fiesta atmosphere.

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