Monday, October 13, 2008

legacy of a hundred years

Binhi ng Kalayaan monument - Rizal Park, Manila

Seen this monument a couple of times before but only took the time to check it out what its for, found out that it is a time capsule made during the centennial celebration of our independence from Spain 10 years ago. Here's what's inscripted in the base of the monument:

The Binhi ng Kalayaan is an expression of the profound gratitude of this generation for the Filipino men and women who, at the turn of the nineteenth century fougt for the freedom of our country and tolled the fall of a mighty empire.

After three centuries of oppression and deprivation, the Filipinos were free at last. The Spanish forces had been routed and their impregnable bastions lay humbled in the rubble of their own defeat. In their place rose the Philippine Republic, the first democratic government in the entire continent of Asia.

The heroes of the revolution had an unwavering faith in their capacity and right to forge their own destiny. They moved with a common purpose as one indivisble nation - malaya, makatarungan, at marangal - bound by the ideal of isang diwa and isang sambayanan.

This is the legacy they have left us. Remebrance of this legacy is embodied in this Centennial Time Capsule, which contains all the vital documents and many memorabilia related to the significant events in the winning of our freedom.

Let this reminder of the heroic past be opened on June 12, 2098, as a rededication of the Filipino people to the sanctity of freedom. Our hundred years from now, may it continue to vivify the spirit of the Revolution that made our country free.

Kalayaan - Kayamanan ng Bayan!


fortuitous faery said...

i've seen this monument in luneta when i visited that park in march...strolled through it after going to the DFA.

Sidney said...

Mysterious looking!

Rey said...

All those struggles in the past to the set us free are for naught. We are still slaves. We are still under the mercy of the rich descendants of those spaniards masquerading as true filipinos either as politicians or hacienderos. And the worst is most filipinas are seeking work outside the country to become slaves because the government can not provide better opportunities for its citizenry. And still they have the audacity to benefit themselves from the remittances from those hardworking souls through courruption.

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