Tuesday, October 07, 2008

under the tree

Living in a tropical paradise, we do get occasional rain showers even if there is no typhoon... and sometimes even if the sun is shining so hard you'll get caught by surprise when the skies immediately turn dark and get wet in the pouring rain. Good thing, this couple find the prefect shelter under the tree :)

the white building in the background is the Department of Toursim building which i already posted here before.


hadeveyra said...

Funny photo.. Where were you? Under another tree?

Art L said...

You're right, judging by the space between them and the location of the guy's right
hand this pair is a couple and having their
'moments'. They probably didn't notice you
because they're too much into their 'moments'. Congratulation on catching
this rare 'moment' on picture.

Hilda said...

Buti na lang kasya silang pareho under that well-trimmed tree. :D

Sorry for not being able to visit for quite some time. There really is something in your site that makes my computer hang, and I can't figure it out. I'm actually surprised I got in today! I'm glad — at least I managed to take a look at all the photos you've posted since Jones Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely said, pusa :) And like hadeveyra said, very comical. :)

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