Thursday, September 04, 2008

public phone

an public phone mounted in one of the old houses along f. r. hildago street, reminds me of the old song tatlong beinte singko. hmm kinda miss those days when all you need is three 25cents to make a phone call :), now it is 1 peso per text and 8 pesos per minute using a cellphone.


Mo said...

Great shot with the wanted advertisement next to the old phone.

Anonymous said...

We no longer have public phones. I can't remember how long ago it was they were all removed.

To answer your question on my blog about the little girl being the same as the other post. Yes, she is the same. The first post showed her and I mentioned on that post that she had given me the "V" sign with her fingers for "Victory." Well, this is that other photograph where she is showing her fingers in the "V" for "Victory" sign with her fingers.

YoungCan said...

Do you also know there are different kinds of germs and bacteria on public phones? As you don't want to know what are those sa sobrang KADIRE hehehe...

Para on topic, those 3 25cents ha unlimited pa ata yon. hehehe... O diba?

D.C. Confidential said...

Sometimes, I miss pay phones and would like to chuck my cell phone in the trash!

Great post! And I'm with Mo: the wanted posters add a special touch.

pusa said...

@Mo - thanks! yeah a very nice ad post for the public to see

@abraham - really? there is no public phones in your area now? hmmm well i guess everyone can have a cellphone now

i knew it, cute girl

@YoungCan - ewww kadire hehehe. oo unlimited kaya yung mga nakapila sa likod mo nun gusto ka na saksakin sa pagtelebabad mo! LOL

@D.C. Confidential - LOL sometimes those were the days we miss those simple lives, thanks! :)

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