Wednesday, September 03, 2008

old house

some old houses at f. r. hidalgo street, sadly these heritage houses are left to decay and has been a nest for vagrants, while some are used as boarding house


E.P. said...

gusto ko kuha mo ng kanto.

agnesdv said...

I LOVE the old houses in our country however dilapidated their condition. There's something about old wood.. Something (a group, the government), or someone should be doing something to preserve them.

Anonymous said...

These are fire hazard the should be demolished or rebuiled to there original structure to preserved the beauty of Manila of its past glories or bygone era.

Anonymous said...

How dare these politicos post their fug selves on the old grand houses' walls. That alone should terminate their terms and send them to New Bilibid.

Art L said...

Thanks for the pictures. It gives one an idea
of how houses looked like in the early 20th century or late 19th century. These houses are made of wood and would not last like Fort Santiago or the churches, a legacy from our mediterranean or european colonizers. Most of the buildings that are made of stone or concrete (a roman invention)are still around. China a much older civilization than Rome has only a few of them, one being the Great Wall.

pusa said...

@E.P. - thanks :) and welcome to my blog

@agnesdv - yeah there really is something in these old houses that's why i love them, i really hope we can preserve them, think there is a conservation heritage society in the philippines but its not enough to fund the restoration and maintenance of these houses

@anonymous - fire hazard or not we should all make a conscious effort on how to preserve them, wish i have tons of money to do that

@metromanila - sigh what else can we do about these poltico locos!

@artL - you're welcome, thanks for always dropping by. yeah sad to say it wont last until eternity :(

Patrick Tan said...

If only we could go back to the glorious days of manila, we would be able to see great structures which we can claim as ours.

Patrick Tan

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