Monday, September 15, 2008

manila post office

Manila Central Post Office - Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines

Last year i took these day and night photos of the facade of the Manila central post office, and has since then acquired numerous shots of this magnificent building... but i think this is the first time i'm sharing this view of the Manila post office.


Layrayski said...

I like the manila central office too! Its grand.

Traveler on Foot said...

i didn't know you have this site and it has been going strong for years. i've added this in my blogroll.

Very interesting site.

travelphilippines said...

one of the grandest structure in the country

Hilda said...

This is from the back? I only always pass the field side.

pusa said...

@layrayski - one of my favorites here in manila, it just look so grand outside, unfortunately the inside doesn't look too good

@traveler on Foot - welcome to this blog :) thanks for the link

@travelphilippines - yes, manila central office is one of the best structures in the philippines :)

@hilda - yes, from the back.. i was actually standing at jones bridge when i took this picture

Ely said...

One of the many examples of American influences to our Architecture. Bihira na makagawa ng mga structures na ganito ngayon.

Anonymous said...

Bakit po ganun?binubuksan ang mga padalang box galing states papuntang probinsya.Sana po respeto lng po .Di nyo po dapat kinukuha ang mag bagay na di naman sa inyo.Lam kong marami din ang nakararanas nito.Nakakainis lng po talaga na pinakiki alaman ang mga pinapadala.Manila post office move.Maging tapat po tayo sa ating sarili.

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