Thursday, September 11, 2008

manila boys

saw these cute young boys idly sitting on a bench in front of a sari sari store, with play guns on their hands (most prolly waiting for their other playmates).  i remember when i was their age, i used to play "baril barilan" too! i also prefered playing tansing, kalog, and other street games with boys than girls before when i was a kid  :)


auj said...

I really adore your photography. I'm interested to buy my own camera. do you know where i can buy an affordable one i can start with?

The Budget Shopper said...

such a photo you have there! the doors reminded me of my grandmother's old ko tuloy bigla yung lola ko. :(

Brenda Mage said...

Buti na lang, I found you, reigning mother Elena, at mga ibang nasa network blog nyo! Aliw ako sa lahat. Especially yours...I miss Manila!

pusa said...

@auj - thanks! :D they say the best place to buy cheap cameras is at hidalgo in quiapo. you can start with a point and shoot (actually i am still using my trusty Point and shoot canon hehehe). i'd personally recommend you buy a canon camera

@the budget shopper - thank you and welcome to my blog. it brings back memories huh

@breanda mage - glad that you liked it and my lukring friends blogs as well hehehe :)

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