Friday, September 19, 2008

at the park

do you still remeber when as a kid it makes you sad when its time to go home after a great fun at the park? i guess all kids feel that way.  have a good weekend everyone


bertN said...

Park? The closest I got to a fun park when I was a kid was the vacant lot across our house in Sampaloc where we played picked up basketball or what passed for one. I don't recall if Luneta was called a park then. I know Grace Park was, but this is not a park but a place and grace is not the appropriate word to describe it LOL. I'm just being silly this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Praktisan din ng mga cheerdances 'yan, lalo na kami nu'ng High School. :D

pusa said...

@bertN - LOL, yeah i live at grace park but havent seen a park yet :D

@jake - yeah, jan rin kami tambay dati hehehe

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