Friday, September 05, 2008

manuel l. quezon university

Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU), Hidalgo St., Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

The Manuel L. Quezon University is founded on the principle of Know Thyself. On its logo is emblazoned the words Pro Patria et Jure: For Country and Law. It owes its existence to the idealism of the seven men, who envisioned an institution that would provide ambitious but financially disadvantaged young people with the education and professional training needed to get ahead in life.

It was founded in 1947 by several prominent justices and lawyers who saw the need for a quality educational institution catering to the less privileged. Among these visionaries were: Leoncio B. Monzon, Lorenzo M. TaƱada, Arsenio P. Dizon, Carmelino G. Alvendia, J. B. L. Reyes, Manuel O. Chan, and Anselmo S. Claudio.

They were inspired by the following words of the great Manuel Luis Quezon, former President of the Philippine Commonwealth:

"I believe that education is the right of all citizens. An educated people is needed to insure the upliftment of the masses and the creation of wealth for all."


Brenda Mage said...

Linked your blog to my blog site! Awesome review and pictures of Manila. Na mi miss ko na!

Anonymous said...

This quote is really right and the idea is the right thing to do.

Here is a shot I took at Shiogama, Japan 54 years ago when color film first came out Thunder Maker

bertN said...

MLQ University used to be a rinky-dink place at Hidalgo in the early 60's but now.....

I am impressed with its metamorphosis physically and I hope academically, as well.

pusa said...

@brenda - thank you and welcome to my blog :)

@abraham - very apt really

@bertN - i guess you were refering to the old building? im not sure because there is another MLQ building at Hidalgo that was razed by fire

Anonymous said...

MLQU is one of the university that you will love it.During my time 1979 to 1984 i have alot of Iranians classmates.they like how the professors teach and attitude towards students.Major Avelino Razon was my professor until he became PNP chief Gen.Avelino Razon.We have a lot of great professors until now a days.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a proud Quezonian.... I am now working as a Manager at Royal Bank of Canada

graduate of BSC-Accounting; BSEngineering-Management and MBA

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