Friday, September 12, 2008

old skul

Do you still remember these type of sari sari store? A sari sari store cum carinderia or snack house. 

I was actually trying to find my way looking for the pagoda i saw while walking around and I was drawn to this store seeing that it's like those typical corner store you saw in the old movies, with an old man (on this particular store it is a chinese old man) manning and serving the counter with tons of tambay (standby) who are having some various chitchat or kwentong kutsero :)

i had a close up photo of the old man but he wasn't too keen on me taking pictures of his store hehehe (according to the tambays he is the last authentic chinese living in the area and has been in the area before the war (world war II).  the old man even asked for my ID thinking i was some college student LOL well anyways he asked where am i going to use the pcitures and said that if i want some old structures for my pictures i should go at the end of that street and take pictures of the pagoda instead. 

:) now i kow where that pagoda structure that i saw and i'll share the pictures tomorrow


Hilda said...

Haven't seen a store like this in years! And the last one wasn't here in MM pa — it was in Lucban, Quezon.

Anonymous said...

This was a most interesting post to me. And I happened to look up and saw "Hilda" also left a comment. Hilda sometimes comes to my blogs and leaves comments. I hope you have a nice weekend.

bertN said...

That sarisari store/carinderia reminded me of the one I used to frequent when I was growing up in Sampaloc. That's soon as I saw your pic I felt homesick for my old neighborhood and missed the friends I spent time with doing everything and nothing.

Retro Manila said...


It's refreshing to see people who go back to the old places in Manila.

Great job.

pusa said...

@hilda - talaga meron ding ganito sa quezon?

@abraham - thanks for your visits :) hope you're having a great week as well

@bertN - =) when was the last you visit the philippines? sorry i made you homesick, about time to go back and visit manila? hehehe

@retro manila - thanks and welcome to my blog

BCS said...

This is a CLASSIC!!! Parang time travel!!! I LOVE IT!!! Sorry about the exclamation points but I really feel that much about it. Just wonderful... :) :) :)

pusa said...

@BCS - no problem :) that's what i felt too when i saw this quaint store

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