Thursday, July 10, 2008

puv fare increase

Less than two months ago when i posted about the increase of jeepney fare and with the soaring oil price of petroleum products, another fare increase for public utility vehicles has been approved by the LTFRB starting friday.

"MANILA, Philippines—An additional burden on commuters but a small relief for drivers and owners of public utility vehicles.

Starting this Friday, the minimum fare for public buses, taxis and jeepneys will go up by at least 7 percent, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) announced Tuesday.

LTFRB Chair Thomas Lantion said MalacaƱang ordered the fare increases. Transport groups seeking fare hikes are usually given 10 days to present their respective positions.

Based on Lantion’s announcement, jeepneys may charge a minimum fare of P8.50, up 50 centavos, and an additional 25 centavos, or from P1.25 to P1.50, for each succeeding kilometer.

Taxicabs may start charging an “add-on” rate of P10. However, there will be no increase in the flag-down rate and waiting time.

Buses plying Metro Manila routes may charge an additional P1, or from P9 to P10 for the first five kilometers, with additional 20 centavos for every succeeding kilometer (P1.75 to P1.95).

Air-conditioned buses may charge P12 from P11.50 plus P2.35 per succeeding kilometer from P1.75." read more here

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