Friday, July 11, 2008


the fare increase is taking effect today and more commuters are now relying on the lrt and mrt, which cost less and faster.

and i remembered the original king of the road (the calesa or caritela) from the video in my old manila post. i guess we can use the good old calesa as an alternative way of transportaion since oil prices are getting more expensive everyday.

these folks surely are having a blast in this calesa ride... so why not bring back the original king of the road, what do you think?


Don said...

I'm all for sustainable alternative transport in Metro Manila. But I think I'll choose bicycles any day over kalesas. :)

Hilda said...

Wouldn't it be just as expensive to keep a horse in Manila? We don't have pastures! Oh, and the vet fees… ;)

magiceye said...

good idea!

Eki Qushay Akhwan said...

Hilda (My Manila) refered me to your post today, saying that we have similar posts.

It's nice to see this "old romantic time" vehicle making a comeback to our metropolitan streets, is it? :)

Unless the city provides a special lane for them, I'd rather not have them back on the streets though.

Art L said...

Thanks God for the LRT and the MRT.
Sometimes the government does think ahead and does its job.

carlotta1924 said...

masaya yan, magkalesa na nga lang tayo! mas mura pa ata o libre pa ang damo kesa gasolina. =)

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