Monday, July 07, 2008

fresh veggies

Fresh veggies available at Hidalgo Street.


~tanty~ said...

I really like the contrast color of yellow and purple. Very nice shot.

Art L said...

Great pictures.
So that's how broccoli and lettuce
are spelled in the Philippines.
Those Philippines vegetables are
way much cheaper than in the US.
The Filipino people should learn
to eat more vegetables instead
of rice which is plain simple sugar when digested and is not conducive to good health.

babooshka said...

The vibrant colours of the food are so enticing. I will have to take a closer look at your blog, it has a very excitng quality, so full of life.

Ely said...

someone just noticed the misspelled broccoli and lettuce. LOL

D said...

Those purple eggplants are BEAUTIFUL! So vivid.

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