Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CR short for Comfort Room

CR - short for Comfort Room, the term used in the Philippines by the Filipinos to describe toilet or bathroom, sometimes also referred to as restroom.

Why i posted CR today? Well aside from the need to go to the CR due to the bad taste SONA 2008 left in my mouth, i've been getting some snide remarks by certain FilAms about me using the term CR whenever i excuse myself! Excuse me, but the term CR has been used by filipinos , and i am pinoy through and thorugh!

Photo: a restroom signage beside a mural painting inside the Museo Pambata


Hilda said...

I don't get why the FilAms would make snide remarks about your using 'CR' — almost everyone here does!

That's a very nice mural, though what old Manila has to do with CRs, I don't get either. ;D

diwatang_byaning said...

WE don't have CR here in Jaimaica! hahaha... Musta ka na mare? For world peace, let's go to the CR now na hahaha...

Mike Hansen said...

Hi Pusa,

Wag mo pansinin yang mga Fil Am na yan... Actually, dito sa US intead of saying "im going to the rest room" or "CR" they would say 'Im going to the bathroom." I mean they are in public place like restaurants and they want to go to the bathroom? I got smart with them on one occasion and I asked if they were going to take a bath. There is a difference you know. bathrooms are the ones you have in your home. It has the commode where you sit, and it has the shower area or bathtubs. The restroom or CR are the ones you find in the theaters, Restauants and public places, no showers or bath tubs. There are also public bath houses for taking showers. see the key word for showers and bath...bath houses... So keep on using CR Pusa, nothing wrong with that. mali sila ang you are correct.
oh, FYI... the City of Baltimore, Maryland have been hiring Filipino teachers to teach in the schools here. There are approximately 250 Pinoy teacher here right now. Kasi ang pinoy marunong mag ingles and ang ingles nila at grammar ay tama. di katulad nang nang mga kano palpak.

Mike Hansen

Tita said...

Banyo na lang kaya?
That painting looks nice.

diwatang_byaning said...

Ikaw kasi nag shota ka ng Am-boi!

bertN said...

My kids always get a laugh when I tell them I need to visit Mang Doro when I want to go to the bathroom or toilet or restroom or CR or whatever else they call IT.

The first time I said it, they asked me who is Doro. I said it is short for "inidoro" which is a term used by my elders for toilet.

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