Thursday, July 31, 2008

get hypnotized

Get hypnotized =:)

It's actually one of the exhibits inside the Tuklas! or the Science Through Discovery Theme at Museo Pambata. You step on the board across this circling thingy and it will automatically start spinning. The instruction said to look in the spinning circle for a minute and then look in a blank wall and you'll see an image :) pretty cool huh? i didn't stared too long coz i'm already getting dizzy so i wouldnt know what image should i see, maybe when you visit Museo Pambata you can check it out for me hehehehe.

By the way, did you know that there is a syndicate called Budol Budol Gang which uses hypnosis as part of their scheme, according to reports these guys are usually well dressed and decent looking . They have various modus operandi and the Philippine Information Agency even have a public warning on this gang. So what do you think of hypnosis?


travelphilippines said...

yeah budobudol are scary they try to victimize na us once they called our house saying my aunt was in hospital blah blah....

Hilda said...

I think hypnosis works to a certain extent, but it really depends on the person being hypnotized because you have to allow it. A psychologist friend of ours actually uses it on his patients.

marchanazie said...

more like when you stare on that piece you'll probably get your eyes crossed.

Nice photoblog here. Would you mind adding your blog on my roll?

Anonymous said...

i am under your spell baby!

-footh fetish-

Art L said...

A few people have immense hypnotic powers.
Women who have been in bed with Rasputin
have been heard to say "I slept with GOD". Beautiful women from the Russian nobility find the not-so handsome Rasputin irresistible
and Rasputin on his part couldn't find a
woman he could resist.

bertN said...

Hypnotism works if the subject is very susceptible to suggestions and very cooperative. I have witnessed that in action on a group of people who volunteered to be hypnotized - the hypnotist gradually eliminated the people who were not "hypnotist friendly" and worked on the ones who were. The result was spectacular because under the power of the hypnotist's suggestions the subjects did things that they normally would not do or would be too embarassed to do.

Hypnotism works but it has more to do with the susceptibility of the subject more than the power of the hypnotist.

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