Friday, June 20, 2008

old manila

I know i haven't able to update this blog for quite sometime now, and i'm sorry its just that am busy right now and i haven't had the time to go out and take photos of my beloved manila. oh how i miss walking around town and taking photos, hopefully i'll get to post regularly on july.

For the meantime enjoy this gem of YouTube video presentation entitled "Manila. Queen City of the Pacific" created in 1938 by André de la Varre and relive the beauty of Old Manila and join me as i feel nostalgic. Feel free to check out my archive and see how different Manila was then to today and yet still the same... no matter what -- i still heart Manila :)

PS thanks señor enrique for this sharing the video


travelphilippines said...

yes indeed the queen city of the pacific,,, gotta love manila.

Art L said...

Fascinating video of Manila 70 years ago. Those were the days.
Back then, we were way
ahead of other Asian countries
politically and economically. Now
with a population of more than 90
million we are running out of space even to plant our precious palay.

Michael Hansen said...


Thank you so much for creating this blog. I look forward into seeing new photographs of Manila. I cant wait to come home... I am an American but I was born in the Philippines. It is my homeland, and I am proud to have grown up in Manila. I try to come home every year, but due to economical hardship Im afraid I may not be able to return this year. Titignan ko na lang ang mga litrato mo, Im sure this way my heavy heart could be relieved by seeing Manila. Kahit sa litrato lang.

Len said...

I've missed your post! I always come and visit!

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see you are still kicking.

The Asian Traveler said...

I'm glad someone is blogging about Manila. Keep it up! :)

pusa said...

@travelphilippines - shows we love manila so much hehehe

@art - yeah sad, wish I have lived during those times :)

@michael hansen - thank you for appreaciating the blog, you're welcome to come back everyday :)
nice to know that you have not forgotten manila

@len - sorry i have been busy and have neglected this blog, thans for always dropping by

@abraham - thank you for your concern and for the visits :)

@asian traveler - welcome to my blog

Anonymous said...


i think the video cud help me
in my report in philippine history..

im 4th yir student
and i really need to get something
that explain and show
about the old manila.
pictures or video

how can i get a copy of that video?

if u cud..
pls send a copy of that video
in my email add.

i really need to get a copy asap.


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