Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 days before christmas

whew... christmas is so near and yet i still cant feel the christmas spirit :(
i have to post more christmas stuff from today, maybe it'll help.

how about you? do you feel the christmas spirit or you're feeling a bit like Mr. Scrooge?


Anonymous said...

This is another beautiful post.

To get the Christmas Spirit you will have to start buying yourself things. Really nice things.


Love it.

Olivier said...

une belle statue d'ange. le décompte final pour noël commence..

A beautiful statue of an angel. The final starts for christmas ..

bertN said...

Can't feel the Christmas spirit, too. Spirit pa lang ang feel ko, wala pang Christmas. Maybe I should do what Oldmanlincoln suggested - buy myself things. I wonder if a couple of vintage bottles of wine will do LOL. Baka naman mapaiyak lang ako sa mahal LOL. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ambo said...

Merry Christmas to you Agnes. ;-)

Joy said...

You don't feel the spirit of Christmas??? You should spend more time with me and Malen and Ambo :-)

Please forgive me if my visit to you blog in the next couple of weeks will be slightly intermittent, as I am home in Manila spending some lovely time with my closest and dearest, while basking in the sun. Your visits to my blog/s, however, are much appreciated!

Norwich Daily Photo
The Goddess In You
Your Love Coach

Dan said...

Wonderful pic. I am definately in the Christmas spirit. I love this time of year. I am reading William Law who wrote (I am paraphrasing) that we are most like god when we give to others. What a great thought to keep in mind this time of year.

mon said...

To feel the spirit of Christmas be with little kids. Kasi para sa kanila ang Pasko or mag isip bata ka,trust me, ma feel feel mo Cristmas. hehehe

ro_pumpkin said...

if christmas spirit means craziness , traffic , crowded shops and streets , irritation , bad service , busy days and all that ... then , yes , i feel it !
merry christmas !

la carlotta said...

i'm more like scroogey/grinchy these days lalo na pag naiisip ko na di ko pa nabili lahat ng mga ireregalo ko. oh well. =)

anyway it's 4 more days before christmas. merry christmas! =)

Rey said...

honestly, I haven't felt the spirit of Christmas since I graduated from high school. It seems that all the magic I used to feel about the seasons and the anticipation for presents and better things has gone with my innocence. But I'm happy. Especially with the family around bringing cheer and everything that comes with the whole package.

The angel statue reminds me of my lola who is a catholic devotee and collects all sorts of angel statues.

travelphilippines said...

hay kung di pako pu2nta ng mall dko maffel na xmas na compare before.

GMG said...

Have a great holiday season!

Ner said...

Same here, sis. I don't feel the Christmas spirit as I felt in the previous years. But what the heck, we have to celebrate Jesus' birthday and living a merry Christmas is our own decision, ei?

So... Happy Holidays! May you have a love-filled Christmas and a blessed New Year ahead! God bless... ^_^

Bucefalo said...

Thanks Pusa for visiting throughout this year, I wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a great and prosperous new year!

Senor Enrique said...

Wishing you a Jolly Christmas!

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