Saturday, December 15, 2007


The Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) is an institute of higher education located in Intramuros, Manila. It was founded by Dr. Jose P. Laurel, who became the third president of the Philippines and is the only university founded by a president of the republic. The university is named after lykeion, the grove in ancient Athens where Aristotle taught his pupils.


Anonymous said...

That is quite a beautiful building and the purpose behind it is nice too. My writing mentor, who has passed on, used to attend the Lyceum and Chautauqua circuits back in the day when those were popular here in America. His wife was an opera star.

bertN said...

The eletric post and wires got in the way of an otherwise beautiful pic.

arctic-tundra said...

Ms. Pusa, ang ganda ng mga pics mo. Makes me proud to be pinoy.

More power!

Joy said...

Now that I know you live in Caloocan, I wonder why you take so many photos of the Greater Manila area. :D

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The Goddess In You
Your Love Coach

reynz said...

my 1st cuz fr. nap encarnacion is assigned there at Lyceum. hehehe! he was gonna bring me there when I was there dahil dami daw boys! hahaha kaso bz ang lola!!! hahaha

cheh said...

Heto yata yung Uni na maraming nakapaldang maiikli haha kidding

Lovely shots Miss Pusa! binabalik balikan ko itong photoblog mo lalo na pasko miss ko pinas :(

I hope you can get photos of puto & at mga kakanin after Simbang Gabi.Miss ko yun!!!:)

pusa said...

@oldmanlincoln - thanks, wow an opera star!

@bertN - yeah, too bad i cant do anything bout the wires... you should have seen my plaza sta cruz post! a web :)

@arctic-tundra - thanks a lot :) that was my intention when i made this blog, to make filipinos love and be proud of what we have :)

@reynz - hahahah anubeh sinayang mo ang pagkakataon! LOL

@joy - i am a manilenya by heart, studied all throughout at manila schools and besides, 10 hakbang lang ang layo ko sa maynila =)

@cheh - hahaha korek ka jan!!! LOL
i'll try to attend simbang gabi para makakuha ng bibingka and puto bungbong photos :)

bertN said...

Sorry, I did not mean to be critical of your photo; afterall, I'm a horrible picture taker lol.

pusa said...

@bertN - LOL no problem, didnt took your comment as a critic anyways =)
i just wish im good at photoshop so i can edit my photos, as it is im uploading my raw photos, so amateurish hihihi

bertN said...

Amateurish? You have the eyes of a good photographer as opposed to a photo snapper like me. I shoot pic shotgun-style - bahala na kung anu ang lumabas. Anyway, anu ang ginawa nung "delete" function ng camera ko (ultra compact point and shoot) LOL. Keep shooting - you make me missed Manila so much, the city where I was born. In case you want to curse me, my email addy is I don't want the world to know I am hated LOL.

pusa said...

@bertN - LOL, who said anyone hate you... me i luv yah for visiting my site daily :)

Ambo said...

Yeah Joy is right! Now i wonder why too. hahaha. When are we going to shoot photo together? I wanna go to Intramuros!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this most wonderful picture...i'm a current student of LPU..

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