Monday, December 17, 2007

manila meets norwich

Myself and Joy of Norwich Daily Photo. Finally after months of communicating through our blogs we met! Joy also known as the love coach is spending the holiday season here in the Philippines. What a great night meeting up with her and other bloggers last night at the ATC (will post about it in my personal blog later)... it feels like we've known each other for a long time, such a very nice pretty lady and she really look young!


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. There you are. The two of you. My friend, the Love Coach and my Friend, Pusa. You ladies are beautiful. Real beauties. Thanks for publishing the picture. Now I have a picture in my head to reflect on the next time I see your name on my blog.

Have a nice holiday season.

Olivier said...

les rencontres entre bloggeur c'est toujours très sympathique. On se découvre.
Meetings between bloggeur it is always very nice. It will be discovered.

diwata said...

haybol queen ka na? tangkad ka pala?

pusa said...

@oldmanlincoln - yeah were pretty! LOL hahaha it's really nice to know and meet the face behind the blog :)

@olivier - very true :) i know you already meet up with ming of nyc a month ago

@diwata - hahaha si malen pa ren ang reyna nun!!! nd ako matangkad medyo maliit lang si joy ;)

Mélanie said...

wonderful picture! You both look gorgeous.
I just come from Corey's blog.
And I' m very happy about it.
It is so special to see that bloglandia is a small world

pusa said...

hi melanie - thank you and welcome to my blog! yes its a small world indeed :)

Ming the Merciless said...

You both look gorgeous!! Finally, a face to the blog. :-)

Can Joy help me with my love life or lack there of?

Ambo said...

You both are really pretty and young. lols

Joy said...

Thanks for the compliments! :-) It was a night filled with laughters and fun. It was like old friends meeting up after 5 years of absence in each other's lives.

I really appreciated that you traveled all that way. See you again in May? :-)

To Ming: I'd be delighted to try and help :-) You and I have a common friend - Carol Rode.

Norwich Daily Photo
The Goddess In You
Your Love Coach

Rey said...

two equally gorgeous and photography- minded ladies. Truly, women are this world's ultimate art.

travelphilippines said...

thats hot hehe. gorgeous girls.

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