Tuesday, December 11, 2007

quirino grandstand

Quirino Grandstand is where Presidents of the Philippines traditionally take their oath of office and deliver their first address to the nation. Many important political, cultural and religious events have been held here, including:

- the 1995 World Youth Day, it became the Papal Altar, where Pope John Paul II gave mass to a huge crowd (I was there, right at the foot of the stage.. one of the lucky to be near the blessed Pope, it was a humbling experience)
- the 1998 Philippine Centennial Celebration, marking a hundred years since the declaration of independence from Spain
- the 2005 Southeast Asian Games, the opening and closing ceremony was held here, a first in the history of SEAG where the usual ceremonies are held inside a stadium
- the 400th anniversary of the Black Nazarene (Jan. 9, 2007), the procession took place here in commemorating the transfer of the image from Intramuros where it was first housed on Jan. 9, 1767


Ambo said...

Gustong gusto ko pumunta jan kaso natatamad ako. hehe. buti ka pa ang gala mo para kang pusa pakalat kalat sa daan hahaha. nice pics!

Anonymous said...

I like your clouds in the sky and the shelter the structure seems to offer. It is a nice looking place and appears to be on a street. I assume it is a kind of street in front where the person is walking.

Mo said...

Does it get used for other events or is it there just for a few official events.

~tanty~ said...

It's a big building. It looks like a stadium to me :)

Senor Enrique said...

This place will someday be teeming with people once the Ocean Park opens behind it.

pusa said...

@ambo - oo ako ay pusang gala! hahaha eh kc naman ang layo mo las pinas ka

@oldmanlincoln - yes it is a street, it's where the parade usually take place on big events

@mo - yes, it is used on other events as well, most often used on a gathering that is expected to draw large crowd

@tanty - yes it is quite big

@seƱor - very true, i cant wait for the ocean park to open =)

Witness Street said...

Wow. I heart Manila, too. I just came across your site after having too much time on my hands. But I don't regret it. These are beautiful photos, and I think yours will be a good daily reminder of how lovely the city can be - despite everything. Will keep visiting.

More power to you!

ro_pumpkin said...

a special place for parades . that means you like parades in philippines . have fun

pusa said...

@witness street - thanks to you and nice to meet fellow manila lover :)

@ro-pumpkin - right on the bat, love love parades! you have fun too :)

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