Thursday, May 03, 2007

manila baywalk

The photo above is one of the many outdoor bar along the baywalk. I love the statues lined in front of this bar with the Philippine flag standing proudly. Also the bar is actually an old bus, what a way to recycle.
In case you dont know yet, the Manila Baywalk is in front of the Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard. The promenade is a two kilometer stretch between the US Embassy and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) just past the Manila Yacht Club. The place is dotted with coconut trees, giant lamp posts, caf├Ęs and restaurants, bars, and live bands. The perfect place to hang out when you're in Manila.


Anonymous said...

Manila has a lot of history. It made the news almost every day that I can remember when I was a small boy. Now, look at it. A perfect tourist destination. Who would have thought.

Michael Hansen said...

Unfortunately Mayor Lim got rid of Bay walk. He said he did not like the Idea of people having alcohol in public. Now why does he have to decide if I should have alcohol at Bay walk. Kung ayaw nyang gumimik, he could stay home. Bakit pati ako dapat maapektuhan sa decision nya. Manila Needs a new mayor

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