Thursday, May 10, 2007

chicken out

One of the many stores in Manila selling lechon manok (roasted chicken). Filipinos are crazy about it, need proof? in our area alone there is four lechon manok stores within a block. The one in the photo is just below the R. Papa LRT station and right now i'm crazy about Mang Bok's chicken, their gravy is so delicious and the chicken is so tasteful and juicy. Now i'm getting hungry!


Zsolt said...

we have the same stores for fried chicken. At times I like to buy a half chicken to eat it with tomato:)

kris said...

Love them with cucumber!
mmmm..out of the 4 in the block must be one that outshines the rest ?

angela said...

It's lunch time nearly and I wish there was a shop like this nearby.

The Salems said...

i'm getting hungry too.. just about smell the delicious aromas from here in the UK

Z said...

What other street food is popular in Manila? Is the chicken your favorite?

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