Saturday, February 23, 2008


Saw this cute "Ito ang Maynila" (This is Manila) mural along San Andres, at the Bureau of Plant Industry (Kawanihan ng Paghahalaman) to be exact. The word MAYNILA in the mural have pictures of Manila's famous landmark including the Manila City Hall tower, Intramuros, Jose Rizal monument, and the ubiquitous jeepney is also depicted in the mural.

To tell you the truth, i was surprised to learn that we do have this kind of bureau, am so glad i've decided to do this blog, the things and places i've discovered are enough for me to hang on and continue this journey. =)


Len Maldita said...

Hi Pusa...I'm Tita Maldita, a Filipina who's moved to England. I love your photoblog and I often come here to see what's new. Keep it up! My husband and I love to see your photos of the Philippines!

GMG said...

Hi Pusa, here I am trying to recapture your last posts on my weekly visit! Great pictures, I found! The mural and the wind chimes are my favourites; beautiful colours!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around the streets of Sofia.
Have a great weekend!

Sidney said...

Nice mural and a good way to put some colors in the streets!

reyna elena said...

We have Bureau of Plant Industry??? hahaha! Anong drama nila with the Environmental Dept ba yon?

UY! lab those La Mesa Eco park pics! Really nice! HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I learned several things today. I did not know that this was also the way to spell the city. Nice shot.

g_mirage said...

I agree Pusa, I am learning so much about the city history and getting to places because of the city daily blog. =D I should have done this a long time ago, I had the idea years ago but not enough inspiration to until I stumble on the City blogs, so now I get to use my photos even if they are still from 2002. hehe. daldal..ingat!

Anonymous said...


I have just discovered your wonderful photos of an very interesting city

I have not been there for many years but I am planing to go with my asawa back to the province next March so it will be interesting to see all the changes

Please keep taking your pics and I love the potery and proverbs in the discriptions


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