Tuesday, February 26, 2008

off duty

From my previous post, i've mentioned that Jose Rizal's monument is being guarded 24/7 by "statues" ... and i was lucky on this day that i chance upon seeing the guards move! twas time to change the guards - they even have a ritual in doing so - and i captured it :) wheeee


Anonymous said...

Yes, that was quite a lucky shot.
I have never seen them marched away from the monument. In a way they are more or less similar to the English guards at the Buckingham palace. It's a tough

g_mirage said...

True, tough job, they won't budge an inch while on duty, lovely shots!

Dee said...

wow, i remember being there as a child. of course, it was a lot dirtier back then.

elay said...

the few, the proud, the marines! some say they're the most disciplined ranks among all the branches of service..

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