Monday, February 18, 2008

cuppa coffee

here's a cuppa coffee for you guys to perk up you day... i'm addicted to coffee and my mornings aint complete if i dont get to drink one... i could drink coffee all day long and i consume a minimum of three cups a day... so how about you, do you love coffee too?


Olivier said...

je suis aussi un drogué du café ;o))

I am also a drugged coffee ;o))

Anonymous said...

I was once hospitalized for drinking too much Starbucks coffee. Honest.

I still drink about 8 cups of coffee a day. The coffee I drink is plain, ordinary Maxwell House or something like that. Mostly black - no cream or sugar. I am already sweet enough!

I do, however, love to put some real cream in the black coffee and stir in almost a teaspoon full of cane sugar. That to me is like eating real butter as opposed to lard. Oh my it is delicious.

I am not permitted by my wife of 52, plus, years to drink the kind of coffee you have a picture of. She flat out forbids it. LOL

pusa said...

@olivier - nice to know that you love coffee too

@abraham - LOL, i agree you are sweet enough! hmmm why is it that this type of coffee forbidden?

Clueless in boston said...

Call me a Java Junkie too! I love coffee, but try to limit my intake to about 4 mugs a day, which is equivalent to about 8 cups of coffee.

I drink it black and find that is the best way to drink it, so you can really appreciate the flavor and not be distracted by any other flavors (unless a little Irish is added to it:) I find Starbucks coffee a little too bitter for my taste.

I wonder if any CDPB people have a predilection for coffees from certain regions of the world, for example, African, Central American, Hawaiian, etc. coffees?

marley said...

I don't like coffee but I love the smell of fresh coffee! I like the pattern on the top of the one you've shown.

reyna elena said...

my blood is black coffee with cream and sugar.

here's my schedule:

1. 1 cup waking up
2. 2nd cup after shower
3. hop in car, drive to dunkin donuts for 1 cup
3. on the highway, stop by another dunkin donuts on the exit for 1 cup
4. back to the highway going to work and this time - DRUMS of coffee until 5:00pm
5. repeats #3

I need to buy the whole dunkin donuts franchise! grrrr

Mandaragat said...

Nice pix Ms. Beautiful Catwoman. That coffee must be good too1

Sidney said...

I used to drink a lot of coffee... now I cut it to one cup a day.

This is a lovely cup of coffee... almost too beautiful to drink!

Good you patronize Figaro instead of Starbucks! ;-)

elay said...

im a coffee addict too. they also do this nice coffee art at another coffee shop name where i frequently hang out for the free wi-fi. i think that one of these days, we'll be reading fortunes too out of a cup of coffee with these images =) just like what the chinese do with tea leaves..=)

Ming the Merciless said...

Beautiful cup of cappuccino. I love the designs on top.

carlotta1924 said...

a sachet of 3-in-1 is good enough for me. i also love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, i think i'll be drugged just inhaling all the aroma at starbucks, coffee bean and tea leaf, and all those other cafes. =)

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