Tuesday, February 12, 2008

la mesa eco park

La Mesa Eco Park is like a province in the city, really! It's like you've left the city once you entered the park, a treat for nature lover and a good place for family and friends to spend their weekends. They do have have a butterfly trail and hatchery, playground for the kids and young at heart, you can even go on trekking, biking, fishing, picnics, and swimming (yep they have a swimming pool - entrance fee is 80 per head)

The Ecopark spans 33 hectares and lies within the La Mesa Watershed which measures 2,700 hectares (though the La Mesa Watershed itself is off limits to the public - of course to protect the reservoir of metro manilas' water source)

The park is at East Fairview Subdivision in Quezon City and is open weeklong from 8am - 5pm, entrance fee is 50 per head but if you're from Quezon City and/or a Senior Citizen you get a 10peso discount

How to go to La Mesa Eco Park - Clickthecity.com

Take Commonwealth Avenue towards Fairview. You will be passing the following landmarks: UP Diliman, Iglesia ni Cristo Templo Central, Ever Gotesco, Sandiganbayan, Litex, Mercury Drugstore. Turn right at East Fairview Subdivision’s Winston St. then right at Marlboro St. all the way to Pall Mall St. where you should turn left. Turn right at the first corner. You will enter the La Mesa Dam Guard House. There is only one road to take then turn left to the parking lot, in front of which is the gate to the park. The lagoon is further down the path.

For commuters, take a Fairview-bound FX, bus, or jeepney from Philcoa by the entrance to the University of the Philippines. Take note of the abovementioned landmarks and get off at the East Fairview Subdivision. At the gate, you should find plenty of tricycles that can take you to the Eco Park.


Anonymous said...

I followed clickthecity link and found many nice photographs there. It is a nice place.

Sidney said...

I see I still have a lot to discover...
I will need some reincarnations to be able to see it all ! ;-)

Gita Asuncion said...

we went there last year! and we did enjoy. the trip brought me close to nature. it is actually the closest you can get to nature while here in the city diba. ;-)

pao said...

parang masarap mag-picnic diyan. :)

Anonymous said...

punta kme ngaung Valentine's daY!!!

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