Wednesday, February 06, 2008

a breather

Been at the world’s end and it wasn’t fun hanging by the edge while trying to keep my sanity intact… but I’m back, thank you all! =D


Anonymous said...

I was beginning to worry. I thought maybe you had either quit blogging or run off and got married and were somewhere else in the world on your honeymoon.

Glad you are back. I was getting tired of the taxi or bus or milticolored vehicle. LOL

g_mirage said...

Weebee! lol at above comment!

Great photo there! Gandang araw!

bertN said...

Welcome back from your break! It was not long but it was long enough for you to be missed.

marley said...

Welcome home! I've missed checking in with your photo a day.

I like the way the tree looks like its trying to climb back up the hill, branches first!

Sidney said...

Wow! You are back!
I guess you learned some precious life lessons on your journey to the world's end...
Doesn't look like it was fun but life is like that.
Anyway, I hope everything is done and over!

pusa said...

@abraham - LOL, if that was the case i'd invite you :) thanks so much

@g_mirage - thanks a lot

@bertN - missed me? hahahah thanks :)

@marley - thanks for always dropping by... yeah this tree surely is great :)

@Sidney - yeah life is a journey and i still have to learn a lot, thanks so much :) i realized i can't leave blogging and manila for that long

Joy said...

I love this picture. San mo kinuha ito? :)

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo

pusa said...

hi joy, sa la mesa eco park sa may QC... will post more about this beautiful place next week :) nature trip dito and it feels like your in the province

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