Tuesday, September 18, 2007


When you enter the fort you'll immediately notice these shoeprints. You'd see people flocking the entrance trying to trace it... while others try to count the steps. These shoeprints depict the steps where Jose Rizal (our national hero) passed on his way from his cell in Fort Santiago to Luneta to meet his death through firing squad in the early hours of December 30, 1896 which made him a martyr of the Philippine Revolution. I tried counting the steps before but i gave up, how about you, were you successful? So how many steps?


Olivier said...

c'est une tres bonne idee, et un bel hommage tres original

it is a very good idea, and a beautiful very original homage

Sidney said...

What was the size of Rizal's shoes? ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is a powerful visual statement. And your photos of it are great too.

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pusa said...

geesh, i dont his shoe size sidney :) but i'd guess he's size 7 (woman size) =)

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