Thursday, September 20, 2007

postern of our lady of solitude

"Postigo de la Nuestra Señora Del Soledad. The fort occupants used this gate as a passage to the Pasig River. In 1762, Lieutenant Governor-General Simon de Anda escaped here with part of the city's treasury and official documents as British soldiers captured the city. He fled to Pampanga where he established himself as Governor-General of the Philippines while leading a resistance movement until the end of the British occupation in 1764."

I guess that governor-general is really good to be able to escape, coz from the fort you could see all vessel leaving and approaching. Knowing that this is a passage and someone escaped through this tunnel just tickle my imagination! I wonder how many have escaped here, and if i lived during those times what would my life be (probably one of the guerillas). I really have this fascination on all things old and i really wish i was born during those times.


Olivier said...

tres bon post, on s'imagine bien s'évader par cette porte, le nouveau Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

very good post, one thinks well to escape by this door, new the Count of Monte-Cristo

Anonymous said...

Nice photos and interesting commentary.

I hope you get to see what we did in Japan in 1953. Sendai-shi

Senor Enrique said...

Very interesting historical info and photo. Now I know. Thank you for sharing!

Sidney said...

Nice composition. I can vividly imagine the escape!

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