Friday, September 21, 2007

pasig river

This is the view from Fort Santiago overlooking the Pasig River. The buildings lining on the left side is the Escolta area (what used to be Manila's center of commerce)... and further down the river, you'll see the magnificent post office building which i already posted here before.

Pasig river (25 km stretch) used to be an important route before and during the Spanish occupation. Unfortunately, because of negligence and progress, the river has become very polluted. I like to believe that the government is serious in trying to make the Pasig River alive again.

EDIT: sorry for confusing you earlier, i really have a problem identifying which is left and right. honestly before i typed in "right" i even looked at my hands to make sure i got it correctly, but then again i was wrong. that is why i seldom refer to my photos what you see in the left or right because it's really a challenge for me to describe my photos with reference to direction. thanks for spotting it Sidney and bertn :)


bertN said...

Isn't the Escolta area on the left side of your picture? I haven't been to this place in 30 years, I'm quite confuse.

Sidney said...

I also think the Escolta is on the left and not on the right.

THe Pasig river was in a very bad shape but I have the impression they do their best to clean up the mess.

pusa said...

i'm so sorry for confusing you guys, i really have a problem defining which is left and right. =)

Art L said...

I grew up in Manila. This is the first time I have seen the postal
center and the Pasig river from this angle.I read your picture blog almost every day.
I love the pictures, specially the
one featuring UST,I finished college there.

Keep up the good work.
A fan from San Antonio TX

I live and work in San Antonio Tx.

pusa said...

wow i have a fan?!!! LOL, thank you so much art, you just made my day :)

travelphilippines said...

Thats a nice view of the River.

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