Tuesday, December 30, 2008

manila ocean park - fish spa

Manila Ocean Park's Fish Spa! my favorite activity at the Oceanarium :) i sooo love it! The moment your feet touch water the fish immediately swarm your feet and start nibbling LOL and it is ticklish at first but it is so relaxing. yep my dear Chuva, you should try this fish spa, told you i'll check out and look for this gararuffa thingy when i read your post! :D

I really really love this Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish at the fish spa. According to the posters at the Fish Spa, this fish species are found in the river basins of China, Turkey, and the Middle East. Back in 1917, an unknown shepherd dipped his wounded leg into the water with these little fish measuring a little less than four inches and nibbled off the dead skin from the wound, and miraculously the wound healed!

This doctor fish consume dead skin cells directly off the bodies of people, leaving the healthy skin to grow, revelaing smoother skin. The process is not harmful or painful, but ticklish :) Hope you try this if you visit the Manila Ocean Park :)

Entrance to the Fish Spa is 120 pesos per person but Manila Ocean Park have an ongoing Christmas Promo wherein you only pay 500 pesos/person and that would already include the entrance to the Oceanarium, Fish Spa, and the Glass Bottom Boat Ride. I suggest you avail of this special promo cause you'll get to save few pesos.

Manila Ocean Park pictures:
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manila ocean park - agos
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manila ocean park - laot
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manila ocean park - glass bottom boat ride
manila ocean park - fish spa


Ineke said...

Wow that must be an experience. i bet the kids love it too

Hilda said...

You know, I actually hate it when fish nibble on me. There's this particular beach in Batangas — I don't remember the name right now — where the fish do that and it freaks me out. But now that you say they feed on dead skin cells, I just might tolerate the experience! ;D

Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

That is amazing. I wish I could do that! Cool pic. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Haha!! Wow! I want to try this... definitely! Siguro I will take my ehemm with me and experience it together..haha! Nanaginip na naman si Chuva..

Happy New Year!!


Gio Paredes said...

Nice blog you got here.
Very informative :D

taneshka said...

hi there! just saw ur blog when im trying to look pictures on google using the key word "manila ocean park". I have also a blog too (taneshkagoesto.blogspot.com). Can I use your ur above photo the foot fish spa? Coz I don't have a pic when I went to the ocean park.. I will link ur blog to mine for using ur pix. Thanks in advance :) Hope u will forgive me..

Term Papers said...

The moment your feet touch water the fish immediately swarm your feet and start nibbling LOL and It is ticklish at first but it is so relaxing.I think Its like a foot Therapy.I also want to feel relax But I can't go here.

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Anonymous said...

i want to try this. But it's funny how people do this.

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