Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Christmas and Simbang Gabi is almost synonymous with Bibingka, for Filipinos it's like christmas isnt the same if you dont see bibingka vendors outside the church, or at least eat one after simbang gabi.

Bibingka is made of flour and slowly cook on live charcoal. yeah that is the traditional way of cooking bibingka, it doesnt taste the same if it is cooked in the oven! :)
Once cooked you just spread the top a bit of margarine and sprinkle some sugar. Special bibingka would also have cheese and itlog na maalat. Yummy!
Bibingka is usually served with niyog or grated coconut on top and best eaten with tsaa or tea as beverage. Enjoy your bibingka!!!

Anyways i bought this bibingka at Tayuman, Felymar's is the name of the store and very near the Tayuman LRT station... actually they sell bibingka all year long :) prices of special bibingka is 35 pesos, additional toppings: cheese - 5pesos and salted egg - 5pesos


hadv said...

God!! That looks delicious!!! Gimme some!!! :( Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!! :D

 gmirage said...

Oh my, I miss those! (I am not sure if the box mix tastes the same) =) Enjoy the rest of the year, keep capturing wonderful photos of Manila. Ingat!

Anonymous said...

maligayang pasko pusa... :) pagpalain nawa tayo ng poong maykapal sa padating na taon... :)

Anonymous said...

I must say that it looks good enough to eat and with the fresh coconut it has to be good.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a kill joy but according to
the GMA news (serbisyung totoo)you have to
pair those foods with exercise and push them
through with Red Wine (I doubt if most filipinos
have heard of red wine but that's what the
doctor in the news was saying.)
Merry Christmas!!!

Boy Experto said...

wow!sarap naman nyan!

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