Wednesday, December 03, 2008


As i've mentioned in my previous post i am fascinated taking photos of street lamps and this is another one of those photos. i love it that the city of Manila have these kind of lamps, i think they are a very good photo thingy, what do you think? or is it just me who find beauty in them? LOL

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The variety of lamps are probably the mayor's way of providing "value" to the city, and at the same time giving business contracts to their cronies who made the lamps, and getting kickbacks for themselves as well. Sorry for being cynical, I'm from Pasig, and it's hard to find a street there that's not peppered with lamps and other structures with the "E" - for Eusebio - the mayor there. His family is in the construction busienss. In any case, it's good for street photography :) . Thanks for your pics!

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