Monday, December 01, 2008

naughty or nice?

I think its only proper to post Santa Claus picture today (photo taken from 168 mall at Divisoria), and it's only 24 days before Christmas!!! And my chance to greet you guys an early Merry Christmas!!! :)

I know Santa Claus is so over rated and another commercialized symbol of Christmas but am still a kid at heart so forgive me. Have you been naughty or nice? Have a Merry Christmas everyone and spend your Christmas bonuses wisely :)


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Kris McCracken said...

I really don't like Santa, and I am on the side of Linus (of Peanuts fame) on this one. Who is Santa to decide what is 'good' or 'bad', 'naughty' or 'nice', it's such a subjective judgement! ;)

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