Wednesday, December 17, 2008

manila ocean park - agos

Manila Ocean Park - Agos (Flow) – a rainforest motif complete with 8 tanks of freshwater fishes. Enter the journey and witness water cascading from an artificial waterfall that flows into 8 different water tanks displaying various flora and fauna. The water flow replicates the fresh water source that eventually leads to the open ocean, creating a model of the interconnectedness between land and sea.

To be honest i wasnt impressed with the artificial waterfall if you could really call it a waterfall. the agos part which is the first section in the ocenarium welcomes you with a patch of green plants (kinda remind me of the Malabon Zoo where they have the same hanging root plants, dont know what it's called) and also with big aquariums... the first aquarium tank shows really big arowana fish.

anyways here are some fish photos taken at the manila ocean park
fish picture - alligator gar (look at its mouth, resembles an alligator)

fish picture - forgot what is the name of this fish hehehe

star fish

Manila Ocean Park
Behind the Quirino Grandstand Luneta, Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: +632 5677777
Entrance Fee: Php 400 (Adult), Php 350 (Children 4 ft and below), Complimentary (Children 2ft and below), 10% Discount for Senior Citizens, 10% Discount for Manila Resident
Schedule: Weekdays 10am-9pm; Weekends and Holidays 9am-9pm

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Anonymous said...

Excellent photos in a challenging environemt. Love those blue star fish!

Unknown said...

The second fish are the 'Oscars', Astronomus ocellatus; I had two some time ago.
The place looks awesome!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Stunning fish though even if the waterfll wasn't to your taste. Artificial never as good as the real thing.

lusia said...

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