Wednesday, December 17, 2008

manila ocean park - bahura fish pictures

Manila Ocean Park - Bahura(Reef)

***warning this post contains lots of fish pictures that you will see at the Manila Ocean Park - loading of page may be slow***

The Philippines is home to a vast number of coral life forms. Bahura is a series of 46 tanks that feature the very colorful Philippine underwater rainforest. The collection of fishes in the Bahura section is fascinating and i was enchanted in the corals in each aquarium but later found out that all the corals here in the Manila Ocean Park are artificial, yep they are made of fiber glass according to the glass bottom boatman. well they made the corals look so real!

anyways here are more fish photos... hope you enjoy these colorful creatures :)

can remeber what this rock looking fish is called but the yellow one at the blue wall is the frog fish, notice its "frog feet" clasping the blue wall?

the tiny sea horse, when i was a kid i used to believe that se horses are big and that you can ride them hehehe
giant crab fish, it is so big... it's body size is big as big as a human head
whitespotted bambooshark eggs
cow fish

sting rays


Art L said...

Very colorful pictures. You Manileno's are
lucky to have a world class ocean park.

bertN said...

Local ba lahat ang mga isda na yan? Puro beautiful sila!

JM said...

Great shots! The 1st one is really awesome! I have 5 tanks at home and know how difficult it is to photograph aquariums...

Ollie said...

galing ng pag kakakuha mo,, freeze kung freeze! yung kuha ko very blurred.. ang kulit kasi ng mga isda, bilis lumangoy kaya ang hirap mafocus hahaha

Len said...

Ang galeng galeng! Ang ganda ganda lahat Pusa!!!!

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