Wednesday, February 25, 2009

spider boy

meet spider boy =) hehehe actually this is my nephew and his prized spider! i said prized because he pit this spider with his playmates' spider... a favorite game by filipino kids and even adults, difference is with adults they bet money whoever wins, while with the kids you just get the losing spider as food for the spider who won. they usually put the two spiders in a stick and let them pit against each other (sabong ng gagamba) and let them wrestle and the spider who gets wrapped with webbings first lose. my nephew have a styled match box as his spiders home and constantly take care and feed dead spider and water to his spiders, right now he has about 10 spiders neatly stacked in its own boxes. since we live in a city,you cant really catch a good spider fighter but the kids can buy spiders ranging from 5-100 pesos


Fredrik said...

Scary. Great picture!

Jacob said...

Spider fights sounds like an exciting pasttime. Do these particular spiders bite or otherwise cause unhappiness?

bertN said...

I used to do what your nephew does now - keep spiders in match boxes and let them fight other spiders on a stick! Uso pa pala 'yan hanggang ngayon!

Kaya lang ngayon, I'll probably not keep spiders and use them for my own entertainment. I'll let them live their own lives and just watch the tomatoes in my backyard grow for excitement LOL.

pusa said...

@frederick - thanks, actually this spider's small and harmless :)

@jacob - yeah it is nice to watch these spiders, no they dont bite and they are not poisonous :)

@bertN- heheheh as in di sya nawawala sa uso, eveerytime malapit an ang summer at bakasyon favorite passtime na sya :)

Anonymous said...

i dont like gagamba - reminds me of something ekkkk spuke!

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