Sunday, February 22, 2009

lotto winner

i would really really like to be the winner of the 6/49 lotto draw tonight and most probably all filipinos are hoping for the same thing today, eagerly waiting the draw tonight because the lotto prize has reached more than 300 million and is the biggest prize in the history of lotto in the philippines. i dont really bet in lotto but with this huge jackpot i just have to try my luck... have you placed your bets already? you still have a chance to buy your tickets, and hurry because i've heard that as early as 8am people have been lining up the lotto outlet ticket sellers already. good luck to all of us :)

UPDATE: two lucky winners win the Php 347 million lotto jackpot with the winning number combination 06-34-20-26-12-33
sigh i didnt win bertn but i am still feelign generous, i'll give you belekoy just send me your address :D


bertN said...

Pag ikaw ang nanalo, huwag mo akong kalimutang balatuhan maski na isang dosenang belekoy man lamang.

Frankie / Nick said...

Wow, that is HUGE! We had one last night that went for 43 million and the lineups were enormous. Your 300 million is beyond comprehension. Hope that there are multi winners so that many may enjoy. Good luck to you.

bertn said...

"sigh i didnt win bertn but i am still feeling generous, i'll give you belekoy just send me your address :D"

I'll take a rain check for now. The belekoy will not taste as good because of your unsolicited, but much appreciated, generosity.

Baka mapa-iyak tuloy yung kabit-bahay kong hindi tumatawa sa Belekoy drama na ito LOL.

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