Saturday, February 07, 2009

lumpiang sariwa

a fresh lumpia (spring rolls) waiting to be rolled. there are lots of lumpia varities but my favorite is lumpiang shanghai. Lumpia or spring roll was brought by the Chinese immigrants from the Fujian province of China to the Philippines. the Chinese usually serve this special lumpia on chinese new year celebration which is usually spring festival, hence the name spring roll.


bertN said...

Nakabukas ba itong lumpia kung itinda nila? Or are they lined up to be rolled one by one?

Lawstude said...

kakaiba yatang lumpia ito ah. ano ba yung parang powder, asukal ba yun?

pusa said...

@bertN - nope they are preparing the lumpia when i took the photo, they still roll it traditionally :)

@lawstude - yun parang white na powder, durog na mani yun... mabango nga nun ginagawa eh

J.C. said...

Interesting to learn that spring rolls (lumpia, or in Malaysia, we call it Popiah) are offered during Chinese New Year in the Phillipines. What a coincidence coz my friend just organized a Popiah Party for us recently as part of Chinese New Year celebrations!

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