Saturday, February 21, 2009


Belekoy is a sweet delicacy that is said to have originated from Bulacan, it is made of flour, sugar, vanilla, and covered with sesame seeds. i love eating this when i was a kid and even now its just that i am having a hard time finding belekoy anywahere these days, that's why i buy tons when i see it at pasalubong stores. belekoy is makunat or it feels like your eating nougat but it is gummier. thats why we have this phrase "makunat ka pa sa belekoy" for a person who is a tightwad or stingy.

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rObrak said...

hello, I have tasted this sweet delicacy when I was in elementary. I didn't know that the name of this candy is belekoy, seems weird but really delicious.

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