Thursday, December 04, 2008


"I had a dream and it was about you ...
I smiled and recalled the memories we had ...
then I noticed a tear fell from my eyes ... you know why?
Coz in my dream you kissed me and said goodbye ..."

Found this forlorn "boy" near Manila City Hall at the LRT central station.


YoungCan said...

boy negro? lol kala ko gorilya! i love stencils!!! specially works of banksy... gotta love that sarcasm!

Anonymous said...

I met some wonderful ladies who were nurses while at the hospital. I wish I could remember all their names but the last one was Elaine.

I am getting a little stronger. I am getting a nurse today and hopefully she can remove the tape that is driving me nuts and then the two or three stitches they left after they had cut the hole too large into my chest cavity under my left arm. The tape now bothers me more than the stitches.

TALC is the only thing I heard while in the hospital for 7 full days that caused even the old nurses to wince. It is a caustic stuff not like the name implies that makes things raw and that then will, hopefully, become scar tissue that prevents leaks and blowing out of the lung in the future.

It hurts and it takes all day for the hurt to ease. I had lots of morphine shots.

I lost the desire for coffee and have had none for about 10 days. I did drink and am allowed to drink decaf coffee but I don't really like it.

I am on a no salt or low salt diet and am still trying to get used to it. Even a dab of salt makes things taste better than no salt.

Thanks for the best wishes and for coming around. It means a lot.

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