Monday, January 28, 2008

martyrdom of dr. jose p. rizal

A sculpture by Ildefonso Paez Santos in collaboration with Eduardo Castrillo commemorating the martyrdom of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Located in the northwestern part of Rizal Park, near Jose Rizal's monument.

The marker says "Jose Rizal Y Mercado. Filipino physician, propagandist, writer, and patriot was executed within these hallowed grounds at exactly 7:03 in the morning of December 30, 1896 by an eight-man squad of Filipino riflemen from the 17th infantry regiment, the Magallanes of the Spanish Colonial Army. Those who witnessed Rizal's public execution included Lt. Luis Taviel de Andrade, his legal defender during his trial for alleged treason against Spain and the two Jesuit priests Fr. Jose Villaclara S.J. and Fr. Estanislao March S.J. who accompanied Rizal during his final walk before his execution. Rizal's martyrdom fanned the flames of the Filipino revolution of 1896 and inspired the Filipinos in their resolute and epic fight for freedom"


Olivier said...

cette sculpture est très belle, et elle doit être d'une taille impressionnante. elle est faite en quoi ?

This sculpture is very beautiful, and it should be an impressive size. It is made into what?

Sidney said...

Indeed an impressive sculpture.

Rey said...

I believe that sculptures are touch arts. We can only experience the true meaning and the artistic expressionism it brings if we can touch it. This is awesome... A sculpture and a mural in one.
Did you touch it???

Anonymous said...

Very nice photograph.

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