Friday, January 04, 2008

andres in tutuban

Here's the statue of our hero, Andres Bonifacio at the Tutuban center in Divisoria. Tutuban is not just a place rich in historical and strategic significance but also thrives as the hotbed of commerce right at the heart of neo-conservative Manila, to know more about its history click here.

On a funny note: dont you think Andres looks like he's checking the list of people he'll give gifts to next christmas? Yeah the christmas decors are still up until Sunday.


Olivier said...

bien vu avec la lettre au père Noël ;o). un beau contre jour, ce qui fait une belle ombre

Good seen with the letter to Santa Claus ;o). Against a beautiful day, which is a beautiful shade

Ambo said...

tagal ko ng di nakapunta sa tutuban. kaktamad kasi ang layo at ang dami pang tao! buti na lang tahimik lang si pareng andres jan. lols

Anonymous said...

I should know your history better but that pistol reminds me that this could easily be World War II vintage.

Art L said...

Bonifacio was actually dipping his
pen into his veins. Their manifesto was written in blood. To join the Katipunan you have to sign in your membership with your own blood.

By the way nice picture of Divisoria. It reminds me of what to
wear when visiting the area.

Thess said...

once pa lang ako nakakapunta ng Tutuban, pero hindi ko yata nakita si Mang Andres?

sana makabalik ako minsan, makunan nga litrato si sir (^0^)

pusa said...

@olivier - yeah! hehehe thanks

@ambo - kaya nga nun new year ako nagpunta! oh diba alang tao =)

@oldmanlincoln - am not sure about the pistol, geesh shame on me

@artL - yeah make sure you dont wear your ties in there =)

@thess - not sure kun gano na sya katagal nakatayo jan, sige bisitahin mo sya paguwe mo =)

diwata said...

lakwatsera! kung saan saan ka nakakarating!

Per Stromsjo said...

Don't you think it looks like he's making a note of the web address of yet another photo blog worthwhile visiting?

Squirrel said...

love the details--love the statue.

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