Monday, January 14, 2008

only in the philippines


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of those days, in 1953 when honey bucket wagons, pulled by horses or cows, crossed the Oshau Bridge over the Hirose River and there were no automobiles on the whole bridge. Honey bucket wagons carried human waste to fertilize fields of rice.

Olivier said...

belle calèche, dommage que l'on en voir plus sur Paris. Voila une manière écologique d'aller au travail

Beautiful carriage, a shame that we see in Paris. Here is an environmentally sound way to get to work

Sidney said...

We have them in Belgium too... albeit a bit bigger and for tourists only.

pusa said...

@abraham - they used to use human waste as fertilizer?

@olivier - thanks, carriages really are environment friendly

@sidney - hmmm there's carriages in belgium too hehehe, but i bet you didnt have the "kariton" seen behind the van =) was too lazy to write and point it out when i made the post =)

dailyphotographer said...

Ah the good ol' kalesa! We seldom see them now except in Chinatown. Great shot, love your photos, Manila really has lots of picturesque areas. Hey, can i link you?

can link me too if ya like,

marley said...

This photo has a romantic quality, I suppose its something about a horse and carraige.

Pat said...

Wow! The old and the new! How lovely! Reminds me so much of my area right around Guelph of the Mennonites.


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

pusa said...

@dailyphotographer - thanks for visiting my blog :)

@marley - yeah i dont know what it is about carriages that we associate with romance :)

@pat - yeah i wish calesa's/carriages stay forever

carlotta1924 said...

very nice photo of something old and new. =)

ey, lammo ba jones bridge is crumbling na daw? pinakita sa news kagabi.

Jilly said...

Love the feel of this photograph. the horse, the carriage, the light in the sky - just beautiful.

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