Tuesday, January 08, 2008


1564 - 1964 IV Centenario de la Expedicion Maritima Mexico Filipinas

Dont know much about this plaza and marker but it has been standing there since 1965, this plaza is near the Manila Cathedral and near the bank of the Pasig River.

Philippine-Mexican Marker Plaza... undertaken and completed by the National Parks Development Committee under the Office1964 of the President funded by the Central Bank of the Philippines, spearheaded by then Chairman Mrs. Diosdado Macapagal (former first lady and mother of the current president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) ... the actual marker is dated December 1965.


Olivier said...

un beau mémorial, l'ancre est superbe

A beautiful memorial, the anchor is superb

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it means? I like the overall picture.

Yam said...

It looks like they removed the squatters from there already... lol

Aura said...

Hi Pusa
Happy New Year to you!!

I´ve been out of circulation lately due to computer problem.
Re: your post´(photo),the marker doesnt really explain much,so I can only translate what´s written on it.
" Four century of Maritime Expedition Mexico - Philippines"

It must have been the Spanish expedition from Mexico to Phils.
That marker needs more explanation :)

Joy said...

Do you go around Manila on a weekly basis to take photos? You sure do know where to go. But then again Manila is such an interesting city. Can't wait to be back!

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pusa said...

@olivier - thanks, i love the anchor too :)

@oldmanlincoln - i dunno what it means as well ;p

@yam - they're still there, just tried not include them in the photo =)

@aura - happy new year too and welcome back :), thanks for the translation, yeah was looking for a better marker description but cant find one

@joy - yeah, i usually go out on a weekend for stock photo to run for a week or two :)

Barbossa said...

Hi....I'm mexican and I was born in a little fishermen's town in the Mexico's Pacific Coast called "Barra de Navidad" formerly "Puerto de Navidad" and was founded by the Spaniards explorers on Dec. 24, 1540, and in November 21, 1564 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Andres de Urdaneta sailed from this very port to The Philiphines, the rest is history, and we have one monument right on the pier exactly like this one at Plaza Mexico in Manila!!!

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