Sunday, January 02, 2011

rizal park's musical dancing fountain

to attract more visitors, rizal park administrator have added an "attraction" and launched the musical dancing fountain last dec. 16, 2010.  but to those who doesnt know, this fountain is not new, it has been a main feature of the Rizal Park / Luneta as far as i can remember... and how happy i was when they started renovating around the fountain (i think that was way back in 2007) which prompted me to do a nostalgic post about this fountain, only to be disappointed when nothing seemed to happen (because whenever i visited Luneta then i was never lucky to see the fountains at work, just there but not working, like this old post from 2008).. and now finally it was magically restored! :)

my nephews has been begging me to bring them here when they saw the fountain featured in the television (how media really plays a big part in giving information) and even though there were lots of people visiting on New year's day, we have braved the crowd just to see the dancing fountain because there will be school and work on monday already. 

and boy the crowd was really huge! the last time i saw Rizal Oark this crowded was during the 1995 World Youth Day in Manila.  every square inch of the park is full of people, some even brought tents!

Data from the Park admin showed that almost 500,000 Filipinos gathered at the park to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas day of 2010 and about half a million was there as well in welcoming 2011.  a good times indeed at Rizal park, and i hope this would continue and tourist (and yes that includes ever filipino) to visit Luneta. 

here's a short video of the dancing fountain, sorry about the quality and the audio, the music playing was "Manila, Manila ... i keep coming back to Manila" :)


maierz said...

I was here naman a day after Christmas! My goodness wala pa ring kupas ang LUNETA! The dancing fountain was really cool, parang Eastwood, but I wasn't a fan of their song choices! It actually sort of killed the show..don lang ako nasayangan sa kanya. :(

Anonymous said...

More practical to go there in luneta, compared to cogested malls! tipid pa.. lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pusa(excuse me..). Was surfing for "photo rizal park dancing fountain" and i landed here. if the first image was taken thru Powershot, i salute you. if not, i still salute you..for hearting manila. because i heart manila too. in fact i heart malate.

pusa said...

hi elmer, thanks! i cant remember if it was taken using my powershot or my iPhone, i was alternately using both when we watched.

keep on hearting manila :)

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