Tuesday, January 04, 2011

buntot pagi

Buntot pagi or sting ray tail is used by Filipinos as a weapon... it is also believed that buntot pagi is a good weapon to combat aswangs and other engkanto, these are sold near the Quiapo church among with other amulets and herbal concoctions.


Elson Bautista said...

I had been looking for "Buntot pagi" (Stingray Tail)to buy. DO you think you can help me or direct me where I can get one. Thank you so much.

pusa said...

@elson i think the best place to look for buntot pagi is at quiapo, just check out the stores of herbal medicines near quiapo church.

Elson Bautista said...

Great! Thanks

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