Saturday, January 15, 2011

sm megamall

the metro manila and i guess the whole archipelago of the philippines is dotted with sm supermalls, these structures has sprouted over the metro one after the other and some of the sites where the sm malls were erected have been controversial because some of the sites where the put up their stores are historical which is kinda sad to think that the sm management and the mayors who allow this huge corporation to tear down our history.  im afraid there would come a time that the whole philippines will be one big huge supermall!

anyways this sm megamall is located in and is the third sm supermall developed and operated by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall operator in the Philippines owned by Henry Sy Sr. The mall occupies a land area of approximately 18 hectares and has a total floor area of an estimated 348,000 m², making it the third largest shopping mall in the country and seventh largest shopping mall in the world by area. (Source:


Anonymous said...

Wow. You do have some big malls there. Amazing but also a bit sad in a way.

Dennis said...

I thought most Filipinos were poor as church mice... If people are not spending money in these malls it would be unwise to build them.

Philipinoy said...

Filipinos are both poor as a mice and rich as a millionaire. Big malls wouldn't have survive here if Philippines was only filled with poor people.

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