Tuesday, August 14, 2007

end of show

No, its not the end of this blog but of those live bands performing at the baywalk, though I must admit it seems like this blog is closed for a few days now… sorry too much work and stuff going on right now I hardly have the time to go out and take photos.

Anyways, this photo was taken a few months back, but I think is an apt photo for today since Mayor Alfredo Lim ordered the removal of stages along baywalk yesterday. According to news, the reason behind these closing of establishments are due to noise, selling of liquor in a public place, and operating without permit, etc. But I think the main reason behind this is the mentality of politicians to tear down what their predecessor have established.


Olivier said...

En effet, souvent les nouveaux maires arretent (où enlevent) les projets des anciens maires. ce qui est lassant et enervant.

Indeed, often the new mayors stop (where remove) the projects of the former mayors. what is wearying and irritating.

travelphilippines said...

bkit pa kya pinakialaman. nanahimik ang baywalk. ay naku back to chakaness nnmn jan.

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