Friday, August 03, 2007

ust lions

I know the title seems incorrect since most of the locals knows that UST's team in the UAAP is called UST Tigers but i'm reffering to these lions that guard the foot of Benavides Monument (see yesterdays photo).
One shield features the emblem of the Philippine Republic with its three stars, eight-rayed sun, a lion and an eagle. Another shield has the seal of Spain, consisting of four compartments, two with castles and two with the symbolical lion of Spanish royalty, all compartments topped by a jeweled crown. The use of the Spanish coat-of-arms here perhaps indicates the special honor given to UST by King Charles III when he granted it the title of "Royal University" in 1785 in recognition of the exceptional loyalty of the UST administration and students when they volunteered to defend Manila against the British invasion. A third shield emblazons the Papal Tiara and the Papal keys. The Holy See gave UST a special status when Pope Leo XIII made it a "Pontifical University" in 1902, and Pius XII later bestowed upon it the title "the Catholic University of the Philippines". The fourth shield with a cross surrounded by the rosary indicates the Dominican presence in UST, for it is run by the Order of Preachers.


Olivier said...

statues et armoiries sont tres belles et merci pour les explications

statues and armorial bearings are very beautiful and thank you for the explanations

Anonymous said...

Nice sculptures. That one lion looks totally different. Like it was a student who did that one.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Jay said...

You have a great eye!

I love to check in to see what part of Manila I need to explore next.

Keep up the great work.

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